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When your no longer in need of your chimney a chimney removal is a great option.

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Chimney Removal

When you no longer need your chimney, or you just want to gain the extra space your home has to offer, removal of your old unused chimney is an option. Generally, if your chimney is not in use, it’s recommended to tear it down just below the roof deck and cap it with insulation.

Below is a list of the most common chimney removal services Absolute Home Improvements offers.

  • Roofline chimney removal: We would remove the chimney just below the roof deck and cap it with insulation. This is highly recommended if you are replacing the roof and your chimney is no longer in use.
  • Complete chimney removal: When you’re looking to open up a floor plan or your chimney is damaged beyond repair, and you are no longer using your chimney to vent. A complete teardown of your chimney is the service you’re looking for.

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