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Cedar Siding & Roof Replacement in South Milwaukee, WI

Project Details - Case Study #26040

Absolute Home Improvements has recently completed another roofing project in South Milwaukee, WI. The project involved the replacement of the existing roof with a new one. To begin with, the AHI team removed all the existing layers of roofing and carried out a thorough inspection of the deck. Any necessary repairs were promptly made to ensure the deck was in good condition to support the new roof.

After completing the necessary repairs, the team proceeded to install the proper roofing underlayment’s to ensure the new roof was well-protected against any potential damage. The team then installed the Owens Corning Duration limited lifetime shingles in the Driftwood color, which not only enhances the curb appeal of the home but also provides long-lasting durability.

To ensure proper ventilation, the team upgraded the roof exhaust ventilation to the Owens Corning VentSure ridge vent system. This new system ensures that there is adequate airflow in the attic, which helps to reduce moisture buildup and prolongs the life of the new roof.

Finally, the team replaced the siding with cedar shake shingles on two dormers at the front of the home to complete the project.

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