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Complete Roof Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

Project Details - Case Study #25011

At Absolute Home Improvements, our roofing professionals recently completed a comprehensive roof replacement project. We provided a complete service, which involved removing the old roofing system and installing premium Owens Corning Duration shingles in Desert Tan. These shingles are designed to provide excellent durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal, making them an excellent choice for homeowners looking to improve the appearance and performance of their roof.

In addition to the shingle installation, we also upgraded the roof ventilation system to the Owens Corning VentSure ridge vent system. This upgrade ensures that the new roofing system will perform optimally and provide the homeowner with reliable protection from the elements for years to come. Our team takes pride in ensuring that every aspect of the roofing project is completed to the highest standards, and we are pleased to have delivered another successful project for our clients.

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