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Watkins Sawmills wasn’t always in the business of roofing. Bill Watkins started his career in British Columbia, Canada’s logging industry in the 1930s. After gaining experience he struck out on his own and opened a small logging operation. Soon Bill was able to build his own lumber mill on the Harrison River and in 1947, Watkins Sawmills was born. Over the years, Bill’s little company grew to include his son and grandson, and the company’s offerings grew to include manufacturing. Today, Watkins Sawmills is one of the largest manufacturers of cedar siding and roofing in North America.

Watkin Sawmills offers a wide range of cedar roofing products including handsplit & resawn shakes, tapersawn cedar shakes, and cedar shingles. They are also a producer of cedar shingles for your siding as well.

At Absolute Home Improvements we are trained roofing professionals in all aspects of cedar roofing installation. We you’re ready for your new cedar roof contact us for your free estimate.

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